ESS Bigdata Seminar 2016

The 22nd session of the European Statistical System Committee took place on September 22, 2014. At the meeting, the Commission discussed the application of Bigdata to the modernization of statistics, concurring. This is also the meeting where the European Statistical System Committee approved the proposal on the roadmap and action plan for Bigdata. The overall purpose of the roadmap is to allow the European Statistical System (ESS) to step by step access to big data sources in the process of producing European and national statistics, the roadmap includes includes 3 phases. Meanwhile, the action program includes activities related to the implementation of pilot programs. The objective of the pilot programs is to gain experience in using bigdata for administrative statistics.

Following on from the results achieved in the previous session, the ESS Bigdata Conference 2016 organized by the European statistical agency (Eurostat), will take place on 13 and 14 October 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital.

The objective of the workshop is to present and discuss the recent development of Bigdata work for official statistics in Europe, the main results that the European Statistical System has achieved on Big data. and the intermediate results in Eurostat's Bigdata study related to legality, community, legislation and skills issues.

Structure of the Workshop is based on the structure of the roadmap and action plan for Bigdata, especially Bigdata projects implemented by the European statistical system. Key outcomes of the 2016 ESS Bigdata Workshop with feedback from participants will help to further develop direction regarding follow-up activities.

For specific program, please refer to the address below:

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